Influenza Shots: A Must for Seniors

It is that time of year again.  Yep, cold and flu season.  Which means, it is also time for you to get your annual flu shot. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in an online article entitled, Immunizations for Adults, “the most common causes of death, pneumonia and influenza remain among the […]

Great Caregiving Resources to Recommend to a Friend

We’re always looking for the best resources on the Web that can help the busy, perhaps harried, caregiver do what they need to do with confidence and compassion, while maintaining a balance in life. Sometimes it’s not easy. One thing working in our favor is that we do have the Internet and its abundance of […]

Doing Battle with Insurance Companies

Many of us have been in the situation of having an insurance claim rejected. Often it can be solved by simple documentation. It’s a nuisance, but they go away quickly. In other situations, the insurance company digs in and is adamant that you shall not be covered. In some situations, they’re dead wrong and with […]

Medicare Part D and Prescription Drug Roundup

We recently ran across a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation that was written by Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Jonathan Gruber and thought it was a good time to pull together a number of great prescription and Part D resources that we’ve come across over the past few months. Choosing a Medicare Part […]

Who needs a Geriatrician?

Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on health care of the elderly. A physician who specializes geriatric medicine, a geriatrician, has training and certification in addition to their regular medical training to help them care for older adults and their specific medical needs. According the the The American Geriatrics Society, “geriatricians manage multiple […]

Recognizing Depression in the Elderly

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “depression is not a normal part of aging; but unfortunately, it is very common in the elderly.  Late-life depression affects about 6 million Americans age 65 and older, but only 10 percent receive treatment.”   Medical professionals believe that the elderly frequently confuse depression with the symptoms of other illnesses and […]

Teach a Friend How to Recognize a Stroke

We posted before in, “Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs): Heed the Warning“, on TIA and stroke symptoms and now we bring you an additional way to help determine if someone is having a stroke. The following is an email that periodically makes the rounds in email…that’s true. This might be a lifesaver if you can remember […]

My Medicine List

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) developed a fantastic site entitled, “My Medicine List.”  I am a huge fan of this site and its “My Medicine List” tool! This is a beautifully designed document that every senior should complete.  It comes with a coversheet that has the patient complete their personal information along with […]

Macular Degeneration

It is incredibly important that we continue to see an eye specialist (e.g., opthamologist) as we age.  Our eyes change throughout our lifetimes.  One such potential change is known as macular degeneration.  Macular degeration is typically a slow, painless loss of vision. An organization called, All About Vision,  reports that an estimated “1.75 million U.S. residents […]

How to get the most from discount generic drug programs

Recently we provided links to discount generic drug programs. This week we look into their specifics and we learn that not all plans are alike. Some require a memberships, while others don’t. Some have both 30 and 90-day prescription plans, while others only offer 90-day programs. So, what’s the best way to save money with […]