How Green Are Your Wishes?

For those seniors who are a little more in tune with the environment there is an emerging ‘green burial’ movement. The interesting thing about the green burial movement is the variety of options offered. Most can be classified into two major categories: cremation and whole-body burial. From there many of the choices have to do […]

Pre Paid Funerals: Weigh Your Options Carefully

A USA Today article by Christine Dugas reports, “to many people, the idea of prepaying for a funeral makes a lot of sense. It can remove a big financial burden from your loved ones, make a stressful time easier for them, and ensure that you will get the kind of funeral you want.” However, there […]

Arlington National Cemetery Eligibility Requirements

March 1st was my Dad’s birthday. As a proud recipient of the United States Air Force’s Distinguished Flying Cross, my father qualified to be buried on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.  Arlington is truly one of our nation’s greatest treasures.  Each time I am there I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for […]

Plan a Funeral for $800 or Less

Perhaps I’m not particularly sentimental, but after the medical community is done with my body, I want to be cremated and have my ashes thrown in the eyes of my enemy. And like so many others, my end-of-life plans remain incomplete. I still have yet to write the list of enemies. If you, or your […]

Funeral Resources: Whether You Need Them Now, or Not

No one wants to think about death, dying, or funeral arrangements, including yours truly. The irony here is that my office for my day job overlooks a large suburban cemetery where there are funerals on nearly every day of the week. While I have nothing to do with the funeral business, I’ve seen a good […]