Sandwich Generation

Two Tools for Getting You and Your Parent Organized

If you’re like many of us who are helping with our parent’s care, managing our own lives and possibly those of our children, anything that can save time, minimize effort and reduce the chance of a regrettable error is something worth considering. I ran across these, as with most things, while looking for something else. […]

Dr. Klapow on Caring for Children and Aging Parents

Dr. Josh Klapow, a clinical psychologist, was a guest speaker on Oprah & Friends’ “Meet the Peetes”, a program featuring Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney Peete.   Dr. Klapow and The Peetes spoke about the Sandwich Generation and the struggles they face juggling the care of their aging parents while raising their children. […]

The Sandwich Generation

Are you currently busy raising children; all the while, caring for the needs of an aging parent?  If so, you are not alone! CBS News reported in May of 2006 that, “An estimated 16 million Americans – more people than live in all of New England – find themselves “sandwiched” between two generations, struggling to […]