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Addressing Lonliness

I was recently brought to tears when my husband’s great aunt confided to us that she suffers from frequent bouts of loneliness.  She is not alone. Pew Research’s “Growing Old in America: Expectations vs. Reality” reports that “about one-in-six [seniors} report they are lonely.”  For those in nursing homes, the problem is more dire.  The Rubins […]

Designer Walker + Transport Chair Bags

My mother, Elizabeth Quinn McGowan loved bags!  She never left home without a purse over her shoulder or a tote hanging from the crook of her arm. When she began to suffer from strokes, she relied on a walker for stability, making it difficult to carry her beloved bags. I searched high and low for […]

Area Agencies on Aging

 In the fall of 2011, I found myself facing some very difficult decisions regarding the care of my mother.  She was clearly in need of a higher level of care than her assisted living facility could provide.  Because her assisted living did not have a social worker on staff and she was not admitted into […]

Does Your Surgeon Tweet?

In the short amount of time that our blog, Senior Help Forum, has been live (a little over a year and a half), I have seen incredible advancements in the tools that the healthcare industry is developing and offering to the general public. They are even embracing social media and mobile technology. In January of 2009, Henry […]

An Invaluable Return for Sharing Your Patient Data

A colleague of mine called this moving, moving video to my attention.  Click here to view. In the video, Jamie Heywood shares the story of how when his brother Stephen was diagnosed with ALS,  he and Stephen began capturing data on a variety of topics related to his experience (e.g., medications, dosages, efficacy, impact on health, etc.) […]

How to Put Your Old Eyeglasses to Good Use

When cleaning out my Dad’s desk drawers a few years back, I found several pairs of old eyeglasses.  Most were still in great shape – – some a little “dated” but the lenses were in good condition. I donated them to a couple of really good causes. OneSight:  OneSight is “a family of charitable vision […]

Hints for Auctioning off a Loved One’s Belongings

My friend Linda Wakefield recently lost her father.  After his death,  Linda was left with the task of cleaning out his home and finding new homes for he and her mother’s belongings.  Her parents had collected a great deal of memorabilia throughout their married life so Linda chose to solicit the help of an auction house. […]

Two Great Sites For Sharing Info on the Condition of a Loved One

On August 31, 2009, I posted information on a website called CarePages.  CarePages is a fantastic resource for: patients and their families to keep loved ones up to date on a patient’s progress loved ones to send a patient messages of encouragement This morning, Richard Liechty,  a co-worker,  shared a similar site with me called […]

iPhone App Saves Life in Haiti

On July 7, 2009, we posted an article on the benefits of the American Heart Association’s iPhone Application.  At the time we knew that it was just a matter of time before we heard about it saving lives. Well, an incredibly heartwarming story has come out of all of the heartbreak in Haiti.  According to a NBC News Today […]

An Easier Way to Capture Information in Critical Appointments….

Anything that won’t sell, I don’t want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success.    — Thomas A. Edison I am currently singing the praises of the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen.  I have been using it for a couple of weeks now.    It ranks right up there with my iPhone,  mino HD […]