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Does Your Surgeon Tweet?

In the short amount of time that our blog, Senior Help Forum, has been live (a little over a year and a half), I have seen incredible advancements in the tools that the healthcare industry is developing and offering to the general public. They are even embracing social media and mobile technology. In January of 2009, Henry […]

An Invaluable Return for Sharing Your Patient Data

A colleague of mine called this moving, moving video to my attention.  Click here to view. In the video, Jamie Heywood shares the story of how when his brother Stephen was diagnosed with ALS,  he and Stephen began capturing data on a variety of topics related to his experience (e.g., medications, dosages, efficacy, impact on health, etc.) […]

How to Put Your Old Eyeglasses to Good Use

When cleaning out my Dad’s desk drawers a few years back, I found several pairs of old eyeglasses.  Most were still in great shape – – some a little “dated” but the lenses were in good condition. I donated them to a couple of really good causes. OneSight:  OneSight is “a family of charitable vision […]