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Avoiding the Moving Blues

Relocating can be difficult for people at any age. For seniors it can be extra challenging, or even life threatening depending upon the situation. This post will focus on moves whose catalyst was to provide a little more support for someone currently living independently. This could mean moving from a home to an independent living […]

The Altzheimer’s Project Airs Tonight

Maria Shriver, co-executive producer of The Alzheimer’s Project, spent time speaking with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s Good Morning America on May 6, 2009.  We have provided information on the series in previous Senior Help Forum posts.  However, it really is worth your time and effort to watch Maria’s Good Morning America interview online. It is […]

The Best Way to Win an Insurance Appeal

The punchline is, “Not to have to do one.” We’ve posted before on Medicare insurance appeals for Part A/B, Medicare Advantage, and Part D. We’ve even posted on doing battle with insurance companies. The fact is, insurance appeals are time consuming and can feel like doing battle. If you can avoid one, why wouldn’t you? […]

Tips for Communicating with Someone with Dementia

The skills that help us successfully navigate the world around us don’t necessarily work when we’re with someone who has dementia. Dementia can be caused by a number of things including neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, blood flow-related (vascular) disorders such as multi-infarct disease, inherited disorders such as Huntington’s disease, and infections such as […]

Great Caregiving Resources to Recommend to a Friend

We’re always looking for the best resources on the Web that can help the busy, perhaps harried, caregiver do what they need to do with confidence and compassion, while maintaining a balance in life. Sometimes it’s not easy. One thing working in our favor is that we do have the Internet and its abundance of […]

Risk Factors for Stroke that You Can Control

Certainly, there are many risk factors for stroke that you just don’t have any control over.  Such as, age, gender, ethnicity, family history and medical history.  According to an online article by Everyday Health entitled, Stroke Risk Factors: What You Should Know “about 50 percent of people who survive a stroke will be disabled preventing […]

Altzheimer’s Programming on HBO

Last week, I posted information on an upcoming series that HBO will be airing on Alzheimer’s Disease.  I have been back to the HBO website several times since posting the story.  For any of you who are interested in educating yourselves, I think you will find their dedication to this devastating disease impressive.  Click here […]

Tips for Caring for Your Parents from Afar

A  January 31, 2008 online article entitled, Caring for Mom and Dad from Afar on, reports that “Between 5 million and 7 million Americans care for an older relative from afar – – at least one hour away, according to Family Caregiver Alliance. ‘The need is so great, and the out-of-town kids feel so […]