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Arlington National Cemetery Eligibility Requirements

March 1st was my Dad’s birthday. As a proud recipient of the United States Air Force’s Distinguished Flying Cross, my father qualified to be buried on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.  Arlington is truly one of our nation’s greatest treasures.  Each time I am there I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for […]

My Medicine List

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) developed a fantastic site entitled, “My Medicine List.”  I am a huge fan of this site and its “My Medicine List” tool! This is a beautifully designed document that every senior should complete.  It comes with a coversheet that has the patient complete their personal information along with […]

“I don’t want to be put into a nursing home.”

For many people nursing homes have a bad reputation. For many nursing homes, that reputation is deserved. So when confronted with the need to find a nursing home for someone you love, you may justifiably be a little anxious over the search. In the age of the Internet and having information at your fingertips, it’s […]

Macular Degeneration

It is incredibly important that we continue to see an eye specialist (e.g., opthamologist) as we age.  Our eyes change throughout our lifetimes.  One such potential change is known as macular degeneration.  Macular degeration is typically a slow, painless loss of vision. An organization called, All About Vision,  reports that an estimated “1.75 million U.S. residents […]

Jane Brody talks about end of life on Diane Rehm

I just caught the last half of an interview with Jane Brody on the Diane Rehm show. I’ve read a number of her books, mostly on health and food. Her writing, both in books and the New York Times, is thoroughly researched and accessible. The topic of end-of-life, like so many things that we cover, […]

How to Obtain Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates

So you’re helping your parent apply for some program and you’re confronted with the requirement for a birth certificate, or marriage license, and they don’t have it and haven’t lived in that state for a good long time. Now you have to track down the organization in some far flung locale, figure out the requirements […]

How to get the most from discount generic drug programs

Recently we provided links to discount generic drug programs. This week we look into their specifics and we learn that not all plans are alike. Some require a memberships, while others don’t. Some have both 30 and 90-day prescription plans, while others only offer 90-day programs. So, what’s the best way to save money with […]

File of Life

According to File of Life, 58 percent of emergency calls in the United States are on behalf of senior citizens. A Detroit Free Press article found on the Royal Oak, Michigan fire department’s website, states that when emergency workers respond to emergency calls on behalf of senior citizens, the seniors “‘forget to tell us important […]

Talking About Money With Mom & Dad

According to a study quoted by Kiplinger’s Magazine, “Nearly 50% of senior citizens told a recent survey that they’ve never had a serious discussion about their financial situation with their adult children.” That shouldn’t be surprising for most people. Americans don’t like to talk about money, even with family. And no matter how old, their […]

What to Ask When hiring an Elder Law Attorney

In a February 9, 2009 post entitled, “Elder Law: Seek Support Early On” I explained that it may be a good idea for you to seek the counsel of an Elder Law attorney if you have now officially taken over caregiving responsibilities for someone. An article provides some great information from “the Family Caregiver Alliance, a […]